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Year One Blog Anniversary

Posted by Erika

One year and 80 posts later…

It sure has been an eventful year too. We went back to homeschooling our kids, left military life, and moved cross-country. I am still about as close to figuring out a single niche for this blog as I was on day one, but at least I have narrowed it down to just a few; homeschooling and large family issues with some recipes thrown in there. I do plan to keep an update going of our house building and homesteading shenanigans in the near future as we will be breaking ground on our property in the next week.

Yes I said week. Since moving back to Washington state we have been hanging out with family while we waited to close on our land near Spokane, WA. Well, closing has come and gone and we have been dealing with cars and getting stuff settled to get the ball rolling. I can say this, our property is simply beautiful. God has put us exactly where we need to be and we are so excited for our future out there.

The view from a part of our land. It is heaven on earth for us.

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