Winter Bucket List for Busy Families

Posted by Erika

With winter in full swing here is another seasonal bucket list for busy families like ours. Some of the things on this list require the cooperation of mother nature but hopefully can still be accomplished. With living in Eastern NC I never thought it would be possible till a couple of days ago. We are loving all of this snow and we are quickly trying to soak up the memories before it thaws. 

  • Build a Snow Fort. This is a favorite pastime that I loved doing with my brother growing up but always required enough snow to make it possible.
  • Snow ball fight. Now I do not condone unnecessary violence, however… with adult supervision and instruction of the proper making of snowballs and aim, it can be lots of good fun. I should also note that we have a standing rule of “not in the face” and Daddy is the usual winner.
  • Build a Snowman. This is a typical snow activity. Not sure if we will be able to accomplish it this year as the snow out here is nothing like what we grew up with and is impossible to roll up the large body sections of the snowman. We would have to pack in the snow to create the parts in place and that is very time-consuming. I miss PNW’s snow.
  • Hot Cocoa. We have made a tradition now to have hot cocoa each time we come in from snow playing so this is something I hope to do multiple times this winter.
  • Snow Angels. Teaching your kids to enjoy the little things is important to us so one of the first things we like to do in some fresh snow is to lay back and make some snow angels.
  • Paper Snowflakes. This is something we tend to do right before Christmas but not only does it make for some fun decorations but also gets the littler ones to practice their cutting skills while being closely monitored.
  • Lego City. With the days staying darker longer and too cold to easily go outside for hours on end the kids like to build huge Lego cities each winter. They can get very creative with their buildings.
  • Make Valentines. This year with being back to homeschooling we can get back to making homemade full of love Valentines.
  • Zoo Field Trip. Knowing that we will be moving near the end of this winter we all want to make sure to go see our local zoo before we leave.
  • Visit Mike’s FarmThis is another thing that is specific to our little family because Mikes Farm is a local place that always has something special to see with an amazing restaurant that is a family favorite. They offer a good old southern meal in a family style of eating. They offer the same menu year round but they do not need to ever change it. It is simply good for your soul southern food. We will miss this place very much when we leave.

With anyone else making a bucket list of things to do this time of year I hope this helps with your planning. Please share any experiences or ideas that you have come to love to do each winter!

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