Where have we gone?

Posted by Erika

Over the past few months I have had to take a step back from blogging for various reasons, but for the most part our lives are not the same as when we first started. When Webblets On The Go first started it was run by a USMC homeschooling mommy to six kids living in a typical suburban neighborhood. Now we are very much on the Veteran side, living in the woods, building our dream home and life from almost scratch. We are still homeschooling our kids, but the methods, and how our lives are on the daily are like night and day to our lives from just one year ago.

So for the past few months during my hiatus to focus on our family along with the new direction we are going, and to that end a new direction for this blog. I feel the topics of this blog will start to include more homesteading topics as we further our journey with our home build. On top of that I will at times cover things like PTSD in Veterans and living with disabled Veterans, along with the general mom life topics. Bear with me as I will need to move slow as I get back into this. But I hope to be sharing more of our shenanigans soon.

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