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The Big Move (pre move)

Posted by Erika

Going into this move I knew it would mean some big life changes and a whole lot of packing but what I wasn’t prepared for was the emotional side of what this move would mean not just for my kids, who most of them were leaving the only home they ever knew, to me being surprised by how emotional I actually would get over a house. Saying goodbye to a huge chapter in our lives is hard. But I know we can say we are thankful for the opportunities the USMC has given us and the friends that it has put in our lives.

Leading up to the day we left we had many friends come by to help us out with packing, wrangling kiddos, and breaking bread making some fond memories I will always cherish.

This is Fred, Fred is dead. Since we moved into this house, Fred quietly greeted everyone who walked through our front door and was a constant conversation starter. Surprisingly he made me teary eyed saying goodbye to him.

With this move we weren’t just moving to a different house near by. We were moving cross-country which meant taking some tips out of my own playbook to make it as little stressful as possible. You can find my post about road tripping tips with kids here. But we would also be in a limbo state while waiting for our house to be built, and due to the large size of our family we would have to be split up. Not to mention stay in places that would allow our indoor cat and dog be indoors to hopefully reduce their stress as well. So I had to take all of that into consideration when packing. I was packing for things to be in storage, things to be with me, things for the pets, things for the boys who are staying with other family members, and things for myself and the girls who would be staying with me. Despite any planning that I did plans still changed every step of the way and after being a Marine Wife for the past 15 years, I’ve learned that nothing is set in stone till after it’s happened. Also staying true to my habits, my lists had lists making sure I didn’t miss anything.

In the end everything got packed, loaded up and we went on our way west.


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