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The Big Move (day four)

Posted by Erika

At this point in our trip we were pretty much constantly braced to expect the unexpected. Day four proved to be no different. Compared to the rest of the trip this day went very mild. But the one big thing we had planned for that day was to start it by seeing Mount Rushmore. Now if the whole drive was to see the monument then we may have been a little upset by its majesty, or lack there of. But it was not, and we took in the views with comedic appreciation for how our trip kept going. I mean just look at it. How can you not laugh at the absurdity that you drive all this way, only to have it hiding in the clouds. The park ranger let us know “If you can come back around 3pm, the clouds should be gone by then”. We immediately started laughing then had to explain cause the Ranger was now confused to our response and Ms A delved into the details of our journey thus far. Couldn’t tell what his eyes had bugged out for more, the fact that we had 5 kids with us (and that it wasn’t even all of us), the fact that we were also towing a 20 foot trailer and have never towed anything that big ever before leaving NC, or the fact that we broke down at our first stop on the trip… it was a toss-up. But we were determined to stay in a good mood and by the time we reached our hotel for the night, our cheeks were sore from laughing so much. 

And for reference, this is what it should look like from that amphitheater, from our road trip we took two years ago. Probably the icing on the cake from that morning was finding the best souvenir we could find to remember that morning forever. They had coffee mugs that were blank but when a hot liquid gets poured in, the image of Mount Rushmore magically appears. In other words it was perfect.

Again we made it to our hotel in Bozeman, MT for the night but this time we got there earlier than we had been getting in so the kids and were finally able to go to the pool and burn off some very pent-up energy. This would be our last night with just us. The next day we would get to see Daddy, my oldest, and our furry babies. We were just a little excited that Washington was just on the other side of the mountains.

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