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The Big Move (day five)

Posted by Erika

We did it! On day five of our move we crossed the beautiful Rocky Mountains through western Montana and the Idaho panhandle and made it to our home state of Washington.

The kids behaved pretty well for us that day considering that they had essentially been in a car for five days straight at that point. And Booboo thankfully waited till our very last rest stop of the trip to have a diaper blowout. My husband and oldest daughter made it to Spokane the day before us and were waiting on us to meet the property owner as she will be our only neighbor very soon. But due to the diaper blow out we opted to go straight to the hotel and got her cleaned up and let the rest of the kids veg for a bit.

Seeing my 110 pound puppy at the hotel.

It was a very happy reunion when my husband and oldest met up with us at the hotel. Not gonna lie, I was extremely happy to see my puppy again. I was happy to see my husband and oldest too, but I knew the puppy was a little stressed going into the whole move and probably not understanding it all and I bet seeing me and his human siblings again in this new place helped.


I should note that our trip essentially ended there in Spokane. But to an extent we actually had another day to our trip. On day six we went a little further west to the other side of the Cascade Mountains to stay with family for a little bit to catch up with family and have some much-needed rest and relaxation before we close on our property and go full swing into building mode here in a couple of weeks.

Once again using the tips I used from past road trips helped again this time around and I would highly recommend you go check out my post about my tips for road trips, click here. To read about the previous parts of our trip click the following; Pre Move, Day One, Days Two and Three, and Day Four.

Also to see my disclaimer click here.

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