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How to Stay Organized With a Busy Family

Posted by Erika

With having a rather large family, I tend to get asked a lot “How do you do it?” I never really know how best to respond to those questions, I usually give out a response like, “with lots of prayer” or “one day at a time”. In truth those are some pretty honest points to how I manage our busy lives but I also have a huge helper. Que the Erin Condren Life Planner

I am certainly one of those A type personalities and function so much better when I have my lists and calendars all mapped out. Not to mention if something were to happen, my husband or any friend could grab my life planner or school planner and know what kid has to be where or what lesson the kids need to do on any given day. Because life happens, kids get sick, emergencies happen. And I try to be as prepared as we can be. And these planners are so colorful and fun to decorate that it makes it easier to want to be organized.

Personally, I have used the life planner, and Teacher Lesson Planner, along with various accessories. Quite often the hard part is remembering to keep them out of reach of the little ones. Too many times I have found a random page covered in a highlighter or pen and lucky for me with the plethora of stickers I have been able to cover up their art or turned it into a bigger doodle and wrote in the plans over it. I can’t get mad at them, they see me writing in it and just want to do everything Mommy does.

I have tried other planners in the past but this one is just the best one out there. The Life Planner itself has various options to plan out your week so you can pick which one would better suit your needs for planning. We have so much going on each day that I prefer the hourly option for the weekly planner part. Some of the kids dance or karate stuff is within minutes of each other and it helps to be able to map it out with the hourly option.

There are some days that I certainly still do not know how I manage our gaggle of children day in and day out, but staying organized sure has helped a ton.

My babies, #1, #4, #5, #6, #3, and #2.

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