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Spring Bucket List for Busy Families

Posted by Erika

It’s hard to believe that Spring is here, especially to those that are dealing with one last burst of winter. But here in the south the first day of Spring was just what we would have expected. Humid, scattered thunderstorms and a layer of fine yellow powder from hell that is also known as pollen coating every surface outside. With spring there is the usual spring cleaning, this year our spring cleaning is going to be going on a purging rampage due to packing up the house as we clean and prep the house to sell it. So without further ado, here is our families Spring Bucket List.

  • Spring Cleaning. It goes without saying, every once in a while your house just needs a good thorough cleaning. It’s a great time to open the windows and air everything out. Like I mentioned earlier this spring we are doing a massive purge with our cleaning and packing. It really can be very refreshing to just toss the junk that has been cluttering the house for sometimes months. Trust me when I say I know it’s hard to get cleaning done sometimes. Life tends to get in the way of any best laid out plans, so just pick a room or a task to do and give yourself twice the amount of time you would think it would need to get done, then by the end of spring, hopefully that daunting spring cleaning list will be done. Slow and steady wins the race.

    after a few hours on a humid spring day of weeding in the south.
  • Gardening. Spring is also the time to get that garden in order after months of cold harsh weather. Also the time to prep and start any edible gardens. I normally do a vegetable and herb garden, but that will have to wait till next spring. In the past gardening was a daunting task to manage with all of the kids and usual shenanigans going on. So I looked up easy to maintain or hard to kill veggies that I could grow and hopefully not kill if I wasn’t able to get out there to weed or water for a day… or week or two, and still wind up with a bountiful harvest. So far I have had the best luck with potatoes, radishes, zucchini and herbs.
  • Go Berry Picking. This is something that I have been wanting to do with our kids but somehow I keep missing the opportunity to do this. It may be different in your area but the strawberries tend to be ready for picking in the Spring here, but summer back home in WA, so maybe I will have to add this to our Summer Bucket list as well.
  • Flower Festival. I have yet to find one out here. But no matter how busy you are, find a local spring flower festival. Take a day and go and enjoy the now warm weather and make some memories with your family. The one I grew up with was the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. I can not wait to be able to take my children to that one once we are closer. Large fields packed with beautiful colors. It really is beautiful. If you are ever in the Seattle area in April, I would highly recommend the trek north to see it.

Not sure if it’s list worthy but now would also be the time to start thinking of things to do for the summer break. Some activities like vacations need some planning. We are a camping family and can not wait to do lots of camping this summer in the mountains.

Probably my favorite group picture of the kids on Easter, 2016. Miss Diva just didn’t want to take a picture.

So there you go, here is my no-nonsense bucket list for this Spring. I hope that it helps you narrow down the to-do’s or want to do’s for this season. Also if you get to go enjoy a fun day of berry picking, or flower festivities please share your fun experiences or what you would add to this list for your own family. God bless, and happy spring!

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