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7 Reasons for Homeschooling

Posted by Erika


First day of homeschooling on our first go around with it.

There really are many reasons to our decision, and for the most part no, not all of kids want to do it but we just try to remind them that we are doing what is best for them and our family as a whole. We did start with public school, #1 went through kindergarten to a couple of months into 2nd grade. #2 went through kindergarten and a couple of months of 1st grade when we pulled them out. I planned, I prepped, I did everything I could to prepare us for the homeschooling journey. I still got burned out and even had family telling me to give it up and send them to public school because it will be better for them and you. Which led me down the thought path of having more time to myself with 4 kids in school. So we prayed. Next thing I know its late august and older three are in kindergarten, 3rd and 4th grades at our local schools and #4 was in the states pre-K program. I had two kids at home during the day. What did I do? I cleaned, we played, we ran errands not looking like a crazy swarm of bees. Then the homework started… all of the older three, yes even in kindergarten had homework. I’m not against homework but when I am having to teach my child something at home cause he had already forgotten the lesson from earlier in the day, or the same kindergartener is passed out on the couch cause his day simply exhausted him. By the time halfway mark came along we just gave up on homework for #3, it just wasn’t gonna happen and I was tired of fighting with him, it wasn’t worth it. The older two had homework, it wasn’t as bad but my thoughts were, if we were still homeschooling we would have been done with school already and not be dealing with this instead of doing something much more fun. In January, #4 had been pulled from her Pre-K program, nothing to do with the preschool it was at, between their rules for drop off, the amount of kids I had in the car with me in the mornings and my own personal health, it was just not possible to keep it up.

#2 working on schoolwork outside. While I was working on planning for the upcoming year. That is am Erin Condren Teacher Planner in my lap, so far I am loving it!

By March #2 was pulled out due to health reasons. At that point I was pulling teeth trying to convince myself to stick it out till the end of the year with #3 and #1. A couple of months later #1 actually had a death threat against herself and a friend. Long story short, pre teen girl drama. It was resolved but still something no child should have to deal with. #3 never had issues, he had a hard time paying attention at times but overall had a great year. June came and I was doing a happy dance and saying good riddance to the public school system. Their teachers were great and very accommodating with our large family with conferences and such but public school just isn’t for us. Here are our reasons for homeschooling.

Religion. Sadly God is being restricted in schools, and we simply wanted to have our children learn about the bible daily as part of their curriculum. Just look at Proverbs for example. Religious or not that book alone is full of good things for any child to learn to become a decent human being.

Bullying. We had dealt with it in our first experience of public school, granted on small and not serious scale but still not an environment I want my children to be in. During their experiment year back at public school this past year we dealt with bullying on much bigger scale.. to the point of death threats against #1. We were not ok with that. #2 dealt with some minor teasing and what not but still no child should not want to go to school.

Health. We get sick more as a family with kids in the public school system. Between that and #2’s allergies he had to get pulled out a little after half way through the year. He was at the point of missing so much school from illness that he was going to have to be held back. Despite his good grades. So we pulled him out, he finished 3rd grade earlier and had amazing test scores, win win!

Rest. I like sleeping in, my kids like sleeping in. those early mornings to get them off to school took their toll on us. And I kept thinking that all of the frustrations we had every morning to get out the door on time just wouldn’t happen if we were homeschooling.

Randomness. With homeschooling we have the ability to just drop everything and have a dance off to bohemian rhapsody in the living room. Or have a star wars marathon on May 4th. Or make an unexpected trip to the ER when my accident prone children play a little too rough… or when the dog trips mommy and I go head first into a door. Homeschooling gives us the opportunity to live life with our kids and not have to be stuck to a set schedule.

Socialization. Yes they still get socialized, between church, dance, and karate, they are never isolated to not spend time with other children their age and seriously… we are a family of 8, it’s rarely quiet at our house. Not to mention our current neighborhood full of kids their age who all love to play outside. They are never in need for someone to play with.

Time. Precious precious time. Children are a blessing, even when I want to pull out my graying hair from them drawing on the walls or jumping off the top bunk. Our time with our children will be short and each time I blink I am reminded that #1 is no longer a toddler with bright red bouncing curls running around the house singing and dancing. Granted she still does that but my baby has been replaced by a drama filled preteen. Time with them in our house is sometimes taken for granted, I don’t like to admit that but it’s true. Thankful my husband is there to remind me when I had gotten caught up with the days events to say “hey make sure you remember to sing twinkle twinkle slowly and not to rush through it, they will look back on those moments and remember it” he’s right. I remember reading something that stuck with me, I had hated the way I looked in a bathing suit, I mean come on, six kids are bound to leave some marks on the body. But I had heard a quote, “they don’t care what you look like, they care that you were there, present and being there with them” I stopped caring what I looked like and put on that swim suit and got in that pool with them. Some of my favorite memories are with my little fishies.

Learning the cycles of the moon with Oreos, yum!!!

Every family has their own reasons for going down this route or even to stay in public school. I really don’t hate public school. My husband and I both went through it and survived just fine. Honestly never thought I would be a homeschooling mom, but for our family it works and for now it’s the best choice for us. And I will do my best to raise and teach our children to the best of my ability. I hope this helps anyone in the process of deciding to start homeschooling. Follow me on my homeschooling board on Pinterest for great resources and ideas to keep the learning fun and educational.


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