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Dun Dun Dun…  It’s all getting real. We have started to pack. Moving truck has been reserved and my co pilot’s plane ticket to help me drive to Washington has been purchased. Finishing up any planned crafting/sewing projects before it all gets packed has felt like a marathon of sewing and vinyl weeding. One thing that feels odd about this move is how far in advance we have started to pack. Getting a storage unit was probably one of the best things we have done. Makes it so much easier to clear the clutter to get the house staged for selling. It’s going to be weird here in a couple of weeks when the house is all patched up and packed up and nothing to do but go on field trips with the kids and hang around waiting on the house to sell. So far we have managed to pack over half the house and are hoping to be done with that in the next couple of days. Then on to the repairs and paint, cause yeah six artistic kids has done some damage that not all buyers will appreciate.

On the note of those six artistic kids. The older four have been going full steam ahead to finish their studies before we leave so we can do more fun educational learning experiences on our drive and after we move, and into the summer. Looking forward to seeing Mount Rushmore, Yellowstone, and the beautiful Rocky Mountains.

It feels so surreal that we are actually at this point.  I remember when we first got married, or shoot, the year before that when he joined the USMC. Thinking that “being out” was so far away. We still dreamed about it, our dream house in the woods somewhere back home. This chapter may have come to a close a little sooner than we had originally thought but that’s ok. God’s timing is the best timing. Everything is falling into place and will work out just fine.


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