Peekaboo 9/9/17

Posted by Erika
Baby girl keeping me company on the couch. He favorite spot lately in on my shoulder when I’m on the couch icing my ankle. This time she brought snacks to share.

My babies and husband have been amazing the past few weeks making sure that I rested, elevated and iced so I could get back to being their super mommy. The jury is still out if it’s the ice and Motrin or the millions of snuggles I have gotten that has helped me heal more. ┬áBut, having to take a step back and readjust how we do things a little in our house over the past few weeks since we started our new school year has been a challenge for me. You can plan all you want and write it out in a pretty planner but life will always find a way to throw you a curve ball. Since hurting my ankle, it has made me have to readjust how much school we can do.

Little girls taking advantage of Mommy on the couch long enough to do some fancy hairdo’s.

The little ones need more help than the older two and needing me to basically hover around them answering questions non stop until we accomplish the days work. The first couple of days after I fell we simply had to put school on hold cause I could not put any weight on it and was couch bound. I do have to say, I could not be any more proud of my children for how they not only helped their injured mommy but also how willing they were to help with their siblings so I could heal quicker while Daddy was at work.

This is a Mario level that my oldest son made during one of our days off from school. We love to see where his imagination takes him.

This is just another one of those times that I am thankful that we are homeschooling. We have the ability to put things on hold when we need to in order to suit our families needs at any given time. Just because we weren’t doing the lessons written down in my planner, we were still learning. My kindergartener and First grader are both not where I personally would like for them to be with their reading skills so while I was resting on the couch we were reading a lot of books and reviewing our sight words. We were also able to get caught up on some long neglected chores that had been unintentionally put on the back burner when we started up our school year.

It has been a long couple of weeks but as I am getting more mobile again, we are starting to get back on top of everything. I am still working on that post about taking a horde of children to the children’s museum and trying to come up with some other good ideas for future posts. Stay tuned or subscribe to this blog to stay up to date with everything going on in our fantastically busy life.

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