Peekaboo 9-21-17

Posted by Erika

Today I am very thankful we have a cat. He may go by some names that will rhyme with the word “trucker” but he is essentially a good kitty. The last time I had a lizard inside my house, the kids discovered it and with me being in the extremely hormonal phases of early deployment on top of being preggers, my momma bear instincts kicked in and that little guy never stood a chance.

Now let me say I am all for wildlife… outside. If it crosses that border and I don’t knowingly already feed you then you are putting your life on the line. Today’s little visitor was greeted by Sterling my non lethal kitty. He does have all claws and apparently only realizes he has them when it’s bath time. But regardless he found the lizard, and then the kiddos brought the situation to my attention. I let the kitty have his fun, till the lizard latched on to a paw then I simply grabbed the cat with lizard still attached and sent them outside to finish their little play time. That’s where it got interesting and quite simply impressive. Did you know a lizard can play dead? I sure didn’t. This little guy did it more than once. At one point the little guy lost his tail. About 30 minute after I brought the cat inside after I was sure that this lizard could not possibly still be alive. I looked outside to see he had move from laying on his back to being upright again but now he was covered in fire ants! I thought… ok he is definitely dead now… NOPE! He inched forward a little bit at a time. Then we had to leave for a bit to do our usual evening activities thinking that there is no way anything can survive that many fire ant bites after being a cats toy. Oh boy was I wrong! I came home to find the little bugger not only alive but high up the screen wall staring down at me in his usual green tone. This leads me to ask… Does anyone know if this is usual lizard behavior or is he some crazy immortal lizard that can’t die? Or is my cat really that incapable of killing anything?

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