Peekaboo 9-18-17

Posted by Erika

When Mommy is sick everything in the house goes out of whack. The past few weeks has been interesting with trying to get into a good routine for school and the kids extra activities. I believe we are finally there. But as I am saying that another child is walking up to me with a runny nose. Go figure. This Monday we have been in full swing and actually getting things checked off of my to-do list. Praying we can keep this morning’s momentum going all week!

In other news my husband and I were able to check something off our to-do list to prep us for our big move coming up! The bank we had been using is primarily geared towards military families and mostly only located near military bases and has suited us very well since my husband joined the military over fourteen years ago. However we discovered that they had no branches where we want to move to, so the time has come to switch banks to one that would better suit our needs in the future. Kind of exciting to actually be doing stuff for our move!

In other, other news. This momma has been having a hard time dealing with her baby no longer being a baby. She is speaking and climbing and doing everything she can to keep up with her siblings. It is amazing to watch her grow and learn more each day and at the same time kind of sad knowing that we will not have another little baby in the house. Well, until we have grand-babies that is. She hasn’t even used her high chair in over a week now, she will just climb up into a chair and join everyone else like it’s no big deal.

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