Peekaboo 8/17/17

Posted by Erika

I will commonly get asked, “How do you do it?!” Given the different situations on any given day, obviously my answers will vary. Starting your day out right often helps, for me it usually means a cup of coffee while reading my “A Little God Time for Mother’s” before anyone wakes up. After that, I got up got six kids up, fed, and dressed in 45 minutes. We had to be at our local Sam’s Club early to get some new tires put on my tank while the kiddos and I did some grocery shopping. I have been in denial in the past but we have certainly hit the point where our normal grocery shopping is done in bulk, so this trip involved our normal shopping. Do I deal with tantrums, you bet I do!

That’s like asking do you breathe air, if you have children you will deal with a tantrum at some point. But the key is to not let that get the best of you and quickly move on. The more and more we go out as a family the more I have learned to just roll with it. Be as prepared as you can but don’t get bent out of shape if someone throws a tantrum in the middle of a store because you refuse to get something that is not on the list. In the end we survived and made it home a little after ten AM. Not a bad start to the morning.

Now to answer your question… How do I do it? I don’t. I lose my temper with the best of them, get overwhelmed, sometimes even cry. Today was a rare day that we succeeded in getting all of that done with minimal tears. I survive by prayer and being prepared. I pray over the place we are going to, recently mostly to be forgiving of the baby’s newfound skill of shrieking like no tomorrow for no reason at all. And make sure the diaper bag and my purse are well stocked and ready to go for wherever we are going.

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