Peekaboo 8/12/17

Posted by Erika

Well today I have been a Mom for 11 years. My oldest baby is still not as tall as me even though most of her friends are as big as me now. Granted that is not a hard thing to accomplish with me being 4’11”. But still thankful I have a few months left before the older two pass me up. 

The personalized favors we made for the girls… ended up filling them with candy, sorry, not sorry.
Water balloons…. so many water balloons, the girls had an epic battle.

With birthday’s come birthday parties. Right now I currently have 9 children in the house. Some might panic, but seeing how six of them are mine, whats three more? It has actually been a pretty fun night getting to see her get to spend quality time with her friends knowing that this may be the last time she gets to see some of them with us moving in the next year and not going to public school anymore. So tomorrow may have some tears involved.

In other news from the past week, did you know that if you recently had a deep filling done and then get a bad sinus infection it can then infect the tooth? Did not know that and now I am set up for a root canal on Tuesday. Not looking forward to the actual root canal but at the same time can not wait to not have pain in that region of the mouth. Its been making the past week seem to take forever to come to an end.

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