Peekaboo 8/1/17

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This was from the last time that Strep Throat graced our house, 7 out of the 8 of us had it. I had to get very organized so everyone got the right dosage. Not pictured was the babies med, due to her size at the time she was on a refrigerated one and couldn’t sit out with the rest on the counter. This picture is my reminder to opt for a shot in rump instead of ten days of antibiotics.

August decided to start off with a bang. One of the “joys” of having a large family is how much we share. After all sharing is caring, I just wished there was a way to keep them from sharing all of those yucky germs. Our week started off with a trip to the Urgent Care clinic for our oldest. Come to find out her sore throat was not from swallowing pool water like she thought, but from Strep Throat. If you are unfamiliar with this generous bug. It can spread very quickly without the infected showing any signs or symptoms. And after the last time it went through our house I now know that a kid can be acting completely normal and have Strep Throat. Some kids, apparently mine fall into this category, will have it and not act even remotely sick till it is pretty bad.

So after six hours at our local Naval Hospital (military family), we got to leave at 3 am and my daughter with a sore rump. Sorry but not sorry for making her get the shot. As a mom with a gaggle of kids, one shot and done is a million times easier than having to keep track and dose out antibiotics sometimes more than twice a day. 

Now that I knew what she had I had to get the rest of them checked out ASAP because my kids can hide it and I did not want to be responsible for infecting the whole neighborhood. So then I contacted the kids pediatrician clinic and got them to all go in at once and get swabbed. this is no easy task and I can not thank those nurses enough for how much they helped to get us in and taken care of so quickly! They had us come in and one after another swabbed everyone’s throats and one after another that little line showed its face as the nurse said positive one after another. All six kids have now been diagnosed with strep throat. Joy (insert sarcasm here…) So like my oldest I opted for them to get the shot in the bum and be done with it.

Then the theatrics began… The younger two weren’t too bad, obviously its a still a shot, it’s never fun but they got over it. My 5-year-old, well lets just say everyone in the building could hear her screaming. My 6 1/2-year-old son however takes the cake. We had them wait in a separate room with a nurse while the main nurse and I got the kids their shots out of sight of the others. So when I went to go grab this child for his turn he was clinging to a chair he was sitting in for dear life, I can’t blame him, he just heard his sister scream her little head off. But what followed had me having a hard time to keep myself from laughing. The nurse sure couldn’t hold it in. This stinker had a smile on his face the whole time as I am sure he just lives off of making everything in life more comedic. But he had to latch his hands onto anything as soon as I pried him off of the previous thing he was clinging too, it was like he had super glue on his hands. The part that made me laugh was the door way to the room for his shot, he managed to latch his hands on it and I couldn’t get him off. It took me and the nurse to pry him free of that door. And in case anyone thinks that this was being mean, hush.

All smiles while waiting for the nurses to organize their shots.

This kid seriously had a smile on his face the whole time and was giggling thinking he was playing a game. After they all had gotten their shots or as my three-year old was saying for the rest of the day “I got shot mommy!!” no kid, you got A shot… you really can’t leave out that one lettered word in that sentence. We finally got to go home and rest the day away nursing some sore rumps. And guess what they all woke up the next day feeling better! See!!! Mommy does know what she’s talking about when she says the shot will work faster than the liquid option! Hopefully that will be it for illnesses in our house for a while. In the meantime I will be sanitizing every surface I can to hopefully keep myself from getting it too.

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