Peekaboo 8-8-18

Posted by Erika

This past weekend, after church, we decided to take a little Sunday drive up to Mt Spokane and really check out the mountain that is in our back yard. The views were simply breathtaking. The drive however is not for those that are scared of heights. To drive to the summit you have to take a very narrow most of the time one lane wide road. And the higher up you go the less amount of trees you have on the mountain side making those like me to get very nervous and leaning into the center of the car because obviously me leaning to the center of the car will keep it from falling off the side of the mountain. But the scary drive really is worth it. At the top you’ll find an adorable building that was built by the Civilian Conservation Corps post depression infrastructure projects in the 30’s. The kids had fun roaming around and mimicking mountain goats with their rock climbing skills. Fair warning, when there is snow, the only way to get up there is on a ski lift. 

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