Peekaboo 8-29-17

Posted by Erika

We decided to make a last-minute trip to go see some amazing friends that live a couple of hours away from us for the weekend. It was great! We got to explore the local Children’s Museum (post coming soon on how to survive a Children’s Museum with eight kids). The kids got to spend some quality time with some friends that we will greatly miss when we move. Our husbands got to have some thoroughly enjoyed man time at a nearby gun range. But that was after they were rock stars and made the kids breakfast and got them all ready for the day while my friend and I enjoyed a much-needed Mommy date. All in all a great weekend, till we loaded up the car to head home.

Apparently I needed to spend this week resting because that is what I will be doing, and certainly not by choice. I would like to say I gracefully stepped down from my car after buckling up my three-year old, I would also like to think that I have super strong ankles from my ballet days. Yeah I fell out of my car like the clutz that I am and landed on my ankle that I had rolled a few weeks prior. It was almost completely healed too. But this miss step undid all of that and made it much worse. But let me put this into perspective for you. I am short… like five feet tall with thick shoes on short. My tank that I fell out of? That was no short car either. For my height a GMC Yukon XL (Suburban), is like driving a tank. So the distance I not so gracefully fell was kind of big for my short self. Due to life with six kids and having to prep the yard and get basic supplies(we were out of milk) for a tropical storm that hit us during the night, I was not able to get to the Doctor until late last night, about twenty-four hours after it happened. Thankfully nothing is broken, but still swelling and starting to get some pretty colors on my ankle. And I was able to get home before the storm hit. So there is an added bonus. So it looks like I should have plenty of time this week to get some lesson planing done for the kids and get some much needed writing done for this blog.


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