Peekaboo 7/9/17

Posted by Erika

What makes it worth it today, hot water and a supportive husband. Hot water that quickly helped clean up the messes. And my husband, my biggest supporter and best friend.

There are days as a mom that are all snuggles, cookies, giggles and rainbows. Well we did see a rainbow at the end of the day and as always God does a good job to remind us that there is always another day and he will always be with us.

#5 got into my paint again. To read about that excitement click here. Then as we were cleaning that up she tried to make herself some cinnamon sugar toast but must have gotten distracted with the cinnamon because we found her playing with the cinnamon as if it was sand. Could have been worse but still another mess after another mess. To those who all thought #3 was the trouble maker, he has met his match x100.

I love my children more than words can ever say. But today certainly reminded me that I am only human. Moms in today’s world are always being judged and it’s not fair. I know I am not a perfect Mom by any means and my children may have pushed my buttons more than I knew possible today. But it passed, we survived, and saw a rainbow today. If you are a Mom that had a rough day and pushed beyond your limits, just remember, you are not alone, ever. 

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