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Peekaboo 7/7/17

Posted by Erika

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What makes it worth it today? My sweet innocent children who love to paint all over my house. Who are actually very creative artistic souls but aside from that if you read yesterday’s Peekaboo then you would know the ‘fun’ the youngest three had with my craft paint, on my floors. It really was hard to get mad at them when it was pretty funny after the fact. But still the mess, oh my goodness was that a mess! So thankful that some stores were still open that had carpet cleaners ready to rent, and honestly I gotta get one of these bad boys. Between my own spot cleaner, their spot cleaner, wire boot brush, and this Big Green Capet Cleaner by Bissell, yeah I’m impressed! Might sound like something most people would not want for their birthday but to this momma of six… a good carpet cleaner is the best thing in the world! I don’t care how long it takes to dry, or how bulky it may be. I want a clean floor. This one did it for sure! I can now say I know how to get fully dried acrylic paint out of light-colored carpet. 

I should add, my favorite homemade spot/stain remover is super easy to make, 1 part hydrogen peroxide, 1 part blue dawn dish soap, 3 parts warm water. I usually have it in a spray bottle. This stuff will get red wine out of carpet along with the acrylic paint. Honestly I think it worked better than the stuff we got from the store when we rented the carpet cleaner. Just go lightly with it on carpet, it can get super sudsy real quick!

So today, I am extremely thankful for my babies for always keeping me on my toes and definitely today am thankful for a good carpet cleaner!

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