Peekaboo 7/6/17

Posted by Erika

What makes it worth it today?  well as I’m sitting here eating a larger than normal slice of cake and a fuller than normal glass of wine that has been well-earned I’m having to rack my brain. On the plus side, #4 finally had a positive day with re potty training her since her horrible regression a few months ago. So that is a plus.

But on the other side.

I know we may laugh about it one day but that is not today. #4, 5, &6 found my stash of acrylic craft paint. Now what do you think a 5-year-old, 3-year-old, and an 18 month old can do with that opportunity? Have fun dumping it all over the laundry room floor and track it all over my cream-colored carpet. The baby even managed to scoot down the stairs with a paint brush in hand to find other things to paint. Thankfully she didn’t get too far before Daddy stopped her. Once he saw her safely to the bathtub to wait to be cleaned he surveyed the damage and found #5… caught red-handed.   Not exactly what any mommy wants to come home to. But luckily I got home right as he was sending me pictures and asking where to start with the cleaning? Kids? Paint on the floor? For one thing, I am thankful that it is just brown paint and not the other option that is usually associated with that color, small children and silence. Happy to say though, kids are fully cleaned and floors are almost clean. Had to stop for the night cause it has already dried and can wait till the morning. I would rather tackle it with some decent sleep. So back to my wine and cake. Yep definitely earned it today.

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