Peekaboo 7/5/17

Posted by Erika

What makes it worth it today,

You know, a few years ago when we first even thought about homeschooling I hadn’t realized how perfect it would be for us and how easy it would be to turn every day experiences into learning experiences. Today my husband pulled out his father’s day present and pressure washed the driveway, mostly to clean up the mess from last night’s festivities but mostly it just needed it. He decided to get the older three involved and teach them how it works and how to use it. They loved it!

Other than that we enjoyed a much-needed lazy day inside with the littler ones helping me organize some school supplies for the coming year. Finally am using an enclosed cabinet for their school stuff so hopefully the little ones will stop getting into drawing utensils and expressing themselves on the walls.

proving my kids will sleep anywhere, this is the armrest on our couch. Also this is what happens when she refuses a nap.


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