Peekaboo 7/27/17

Posted by Erika

Been an exciting week of school supplies showing up for the coming year. The organizer in me can’t wait to get it all labeled and looking pretty for the coming year. Knowing that after a month if I’m lucky it will be a hot mess again. But you never know, maybe a miracle will happen and it will last two months. Also been working on some stuff to sell in my Etsy store, I will post a link when that is up and running.

Look Mom! I made a car! But wait!!! Watch what it can do!
It transforms into a robot!!

One thing that has stuck out to me this week so far is the amazing imagination my children have when they are left to be creative. My kids love Lego’s. They really love Lego’s. I know we had instructions at some point but yeah when you have a large family things like keeping the Lego instructions in a safe place tend to be low on the list of priorities. But the outcome from that is that my kids keep outdoing themselves with their Lego creations. Josiah was watching the Transformers movie and thought… “I wonder if I can make one out of Lego’s?” He did and it is awesome! I love seeing their imagination flourish.

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