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Peekaboo 7/23/17

Posted by Erika
That’s butter in her hand. I turned my back for a second and promptly found her eating straight butter.
This is from a sketch I made a few months ago, uploaded it and did some editing and added some words, now I have a logo!

Well this has been a busy weekend, like most weekends with this many kids the usual phrases came out of my mouth… “where are your clothes?”, “don’t eat that”, “stop dancing and run to the potty!!!”, “clean your room!!!”, “why is this here?”, “seriously… where are your clothes that you just had on?!”. I could go on but you get the gist. I spent my weekend like most mom’s cleaning and preparing for the oncoming week.

But this weekend I also got to get acquainted with my new toy. On our date night we went out to Hobby Lobby and I picked out a new toy… A Silhouette Cameo 3. This is an amazing toy for creative mammas! Been spending most of my spare time getting acquainted with the design software and learning how it all works. I can’t say this enough… this thing is fun!!!! Now I need to have the hubby make me some blank wood signs to put stuff on and go get some blank mugs and tumblers and possibly start selling some stuff on Etsy. Who knows, but right now I am having fun with decorating the house and labeling the crap out of everything!

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