Peekaboo 7/22/17

Posted by Erika

Today is a day I have been dreading since August 12, 2006. Our crib is officially out of commission. The last baby for us has discovered how to climb on it so sadly it is time for her to move on up to the toddler bed. I knew this day would eventually come but it still is never an easy thing to let go of something that all six of our babies have used for the past ten plus years.

Inspecting the new to her toddler bed that all of her siblings have used. For the record my husband made this bed for our oldest many years ago after seeing toddler beds we liked online but didn’t feel like spending that much on one. Love how handy he is!

It has survived multiple cross-country moves, bite marks, poop painting, minor repairs, and love. It is one of the few baby items that has survived this long and will be missed. Now on to being happy… Yay! there is more room in the girls room now! And she can get herself out of her bed in the morning too! Double Yay!!!




At the movies.

Another rare thing happened last night, Hubby took me out for a date night. I consider myself low maintenance in that department, we rarely go out for dates and usually settle for a movie or show after the kids are in bed and count that as a date because finding a babysitter for six kids is never easy. But the stars aligned and we ran with it. And to top it off I think we found a babysitter that fits perfectly with our family, until school starts in the fall but we’ll all be so busy with school, dance, karate, getting ready to move and whatnot that I think we’ll manage. But the kids have asked that we have her come back to babysit them again so that is a big plus in my book!

¬†This is what happens when they are unsupervised… Note, no child was harmed, they were all laughing hysterically. #makingmemories¬†

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