Peekaboo 7/2/17

Posted by Erika

What makes it worth it today,

Spending quality time with #5 came rather unexpectedly this morning. Last night while being rambunctious with her siblings she fell while jumping on the couch hurting her foot. Unfortunately she learned the hard way why I kept saying not to jump on the couch. She seemed to be ok once the pain killers kicked in so we decided to wait till morning to take her to the Dr if she wasn’t doing any better. She wasn’t doing any better come morning, still refusing to put any weight on it. So off to Urgent Care we went. Thankfully nothing was broken but still a bad enough of a sprain that they decided to put a splint on it. When we got home, we were welcomed by a cleaned up house and the rest of the kids running up to us giving us hugs and asking how #5 is feeling. She was carried straight to the couch and took a much-needed three-hour nap.

Sometimes it feels good to be needed, knowing that just holding your child will calm them.


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