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Peekaboo 7/16/17

Posted by Erika

I should change the title of this to “Reasons #5 had to have a bath today” which today was playing with the kids body wash/shampoo and finger painting it all over the bathroom and her dry hair. So on the bright side she just needed a rinse. Silence is never golden with that one.

But other than hosing off my little diva, some of the older kids got haircuts and #4 got her first short hairdo. I wasn’t exactly ready for this but she looks pretty darn cute in it so I’ll just get over it. And no I did not keep her hair as a keepsake. But as you can see I did take a picture of it. The boys are looking pretty handsome too.

This weekend was just busy in itself, Friday my new carpet cleaner showed up right before I went to my Church’s annual Women’s Conference. Which if you haven’t heard Mrs Vicky Barclay speak, you should look her up and find a chance to. Very good word and a good time of fellowship with the lovely ladies at Agape Life Family Church in our corner of the world in coastal North Carolina. Once I made it home the hubby and I got to work cleaning the carpets. You never realize how dirty the carpets are till they are getting cleaned. So thankful we were able to get this machine to get the job done right. Six kids, a large dog, and a cat sure can do a number on our carpets.  So today I am very thankful for a husband that made it possible for me to easily go and spend some quality time with the women at church and to help me get this house even more clean and one step closer to being ready to sell next year.


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