Peekaboo 7/10/17

Posted by Erika

What makes it worth it today…. Being surrounded by compassionate people who put up with my children’s crap.

Hanging out in the car waiting on Daddy to be done at the doctor’s office.

Today was one of those days that we were running from place to place. I’d like to say the kids behaved like angels, they didn’t. The icing on the cake would have to have been when I was distracted for only a couple of minutes while talking with another mom at the boys karate, heaven forbid I get a chance to talk with a fellow mommy. Yeah #5 took her chance and got into trouble.  In case you didn’t know Turmeric can stain your skin yellow. And I now owe the boys karate place a jar of Turmeric. She certainly keeps me on my toes. 

I wrote a post a few weeks ago about what to do to keep the kids busy during after school activities, click here.  Some days things go as planned, some days they don’t. Every momma is only human. Today was certainly a day where all you can do is embrace the chaos and enjoy every second of them being little while they still are.

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