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Peekaboo 7-14-18

Posted by Erika


Progress keeps happening, sometimes in small ways like getting our mail box installed. Then sometimes in big ways with having the tractor show up for us to clear land and to prep the sites for our house, out buildings and driveway. The driveway is mostly cleared, next is to fine tune it before the gravel gets here next week and nail down where exactly we want the buildings to be and get that cleared out as well. There has been a lot of nitty-gritty paperwork to be done lately with all of the permits and estimates to get it all really going.

On top of all of that we still manage our gaggle of kids running around with the dog and cat. Getting to levels of dirty I have never seen on them before. One of the things for the kids we have made a decision on was to homeschool or not. It was tempting to send them to public school next year so we could have some time during the day with a few less kiddos to get more of the house finished. But in the end we opted to homeschool again, knowing it is still the better option for our family and our children. So brace yourselves to see a bunch of pictures on Instagram of the kids having a lot of shop, home ec, and biology lessons in the near future.


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