Peekaboo 6-6-18

Posted by Erika

We have now been back in Washington for three weeks. In some ways it seems to have flown by with seeing friends and family, and in other ways we have also felt like we are in an agonizing limbo waiting to close on our property so we can start building. However here are some of the things we have gotten up to since being here.

Wearing shirts from where we started in Richlands, NC and where we ended in Snohomish, WA.

Before Ms A left to go back to her family in Tennessee (no she did not drive home) we went to spend some time in Seattle and I got to show her Pike Place Market. If you’re ever in Seattle I highly recommend checking this spot out, it has the first Starbucks, the gum wall, the flying fish, and so many beautiful flowers and cool little shops and vendors. 

In the days after Ms A went back to her home, we celebrated two of our girls birthdays. 

We also got to spend some much needed time with grandparents. 

On a different note, we have also discovered the nearest Emergency Room. I had forgotten how different civilian medical facilities are compared to the military version. My husband was the first injured with a flare up of some chronic issues he has had but the littlest got to go a couple of days after him after learning the hard way that mommy had good reason to say “no jumping on the bed”. She dislocated her elbow. Both are fine now, or as good as can be in my husband’s case. Apparently our youngest two just have loose ligaments in their elbows as this is a frustratingly common injury with those two. I do know how to set a dislocated elbow and had gone through the motions with this one but she did a good job on it and I could not get it back in place, leading me to think it was not dislocated and something worse. The doctor took one look at her and finished popping it back into place. He said if I had just done it one more time it would have gone back in all the way, as at that point it was already half way back in.

Photo Courtesy of my Sis-in-law Jess. @jnsdub

Another gem we got to do was go to the opening day of the Bothell Farmer’s Market at Country Village. I used to love to come to the little shops that were crammed in this adorable place as a kid. Chickens and ducks roaming freely and a fun playground. The Farmer’s Market was a blast. My Dad and his wife have the kettle corn stand there and with popcorn in tow we got to wander around and enjoy the market. At one point my mother in law showed up with my boys (they are staying with them for the summer). So the kids all got to play together on this cool pirate ship.

Also since being here we have gotten to experience a few local playgrounds for the kids to burn off some steam, makes me miss having a playground in our back yard but soon they will have acres to run on and driving to parks for the to play will be a thing of the past… I think. 

I’m sure the rest of this summer will fly by but I am thankful for the stuff we have gotten to do and be apart of since coming home.

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