Peekaboo 4-30-18

Posted by Erika

This is the last day that I can say we move next month… The time is flying and for the first time in our military life we are not rushing to get done on time and it feels weird. We only have one room left to touch up with paint, and really only the kitchen left to pack and that has already been half packed a few weeks ago. Plus probably a box here or there from random stuff in each room. But surprisingly to us there really is not much left to do. And it feels fantastic!

Now don’t get me wrong, packing a house with six kids underfoot has been anything but easy, and at some points I would call it hell. They have found the sharpies, wet paint and bubble wrap to their delight and our frustration. However even with the setbacks they have unintentionally caused we are not at a point of pulling our hair out… yet. And are still on track for when we want to leave. We’ll have to see how we feel in a week though.

On a sad note, we have started the goodbyes. Yesterday was our last day at our church here in NC and we will miss them very much. There are always going to be people who touch your lives in one way or another and I was choking back tears a few times knowing that we will most likely never see most of them ever again in person, it got to me. People who have been there for us when our youngest children were born bringing us meals those first few days, helping me while my husband was deployed, and the amazing fellowship that we have had with them over our years here will be cherished and looked back on with very fond memories.

Along with the good-byes at church the kids in the past week have finished up their dance and karate while in NC. Hoping to get them back into that after we move but with building a house, we will have to play that one by ear. But the boys got to spar with one of their instructors on their last day making everyone laugh and the girls got to go out on a high note with picture week getting to wear their costumes at least once this year with their friends and we will be cheering them on from WA on recital day.

Now excuse me while I go on a cleaning frenzy and finish packing up for our big move… which is next week… eeep!

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