Peekaboo 4-16-18

Posted by Erika

Another week gone and more things keep getting checked off our to-do list for our big move. We keep finding more to pack but have finally hit the phase for paint touch ups and whatnot cause yeah… six kids live here. Thankfully its just simple cosmetic stuff. The outside of the house is finally done as well, just some stubborn weeds that we’ll have to keep an eye on, but that’s not too bad at all.

Along with the packing and painting we were thankfully able to get our trailer this weekend. We got to take a little field trip to get it but it’s now safely in our driveway and already getting loaded for the next trip to the storage unit. Everything keeps falling into place and praying that it continues to do so.

Now for our big news… we have land! Over a week ago my husband got to go to his college orientation and had some spare time to scout out possible pieces of land. Well we found one, and it is perfect. Of course nothing will be official until we have closed but offers have been made and accepted and now it’s just waiting for us to get the details done and sign. It’s all very exciting to see the things you’ve been planning for and dreaming about for years now are actually happening.

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