Peekaboo 3-5-18

Posted by Erika

I should say this before anyone reads any further and gets bent out of shape for no reason. She is ok and was never in any serious danger, if she was we would have taken her to the ER immediately, to see my full disclaimer click here.

Did you know that it is possible to stab yourself with a butter knife? Granted she was cutting butter that she just pulled out of the deep freezer but still. Our oldest learned that lesson the hard way yesterday while prepping to make sugar cookies. She also learned that we wait for butter to thaw before trying to cut it. I could have sworn I had already taught her that important advice on another cooking lesson but apparently it didn’t stick. Unfortunately she had to learn the hard way. And before anyone asks I was in the laundry room attempting to get some laundry done. Obviously as soon as I heard the obvious ‘something is wrong’ type of screaming momma bear mode kicked in and I dropped everything and ran to her. She’s eleven and a very capable kid with more life skills than some adults I know, so being upstairs while she bakes some cookies is no big deal in our house.

She did a good number on it. She caught herself at an odd angle at the base of one of her fingers and it was deep. Over the years with running an in home daycare, church nursery and my husband being a former search and rescue, it is safe to say we know our first-aid. We know how to patch up most wounds and when it is necessary or not to run to Emergency Room. Thankfully as long as we kept her wound closed, the bleeding stayed under control. But the location of it was a tricky one. Que the Super Glue! We got her skin cleaned up and applied the glue. Seriously Super Glue is amazing for cuts in difficult spots and is one of the staples in our first-aid kit. After all of that excitement and keeping a close eye on her to make sure she had proper blood flow and feeling in her injured hand, she opted to wait a day to make the cookies. Right before bedtime she did flex her hand/fingers and caused a small crack in the glue and did cause some small bleeding so we put a band-aid on just in case it kept bleeding, thankfully the bleeding stopped.

It really is never dull at our house.

In other news, we have really started packing. The laundry room that was also a storage room is now amazingly just being used for laundry and the rest of it contents are at the storage unit. So one room down, many many many more rooms to go.

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