Peekaboo 2017 Review

Posted by Erika

This year seems to have passed in a blink of an eye. But pass it did.

Happy New Year (Jan 1st, 2017)
Snuggling her kitty (Feb 2017)
Watching their big sissy get an award at school and cheering her on. (Feb, 2017)
Make your own pizza night! (February 2017)
First and hopefully last interaction with peanuts for the youngest. (March 2017)
First round of bugs for the year landed her in the hospital, thankfully she made a quick recovery. (March, 2017)
Mommy trying to not catch the bug. (March, 2017)
Getting her first pair of glasses! (March 2017)
Surviving yard work in 90 degree heat. (April 2017)
Easter (April 2017)
Bubba after surviving his first filling like a champ. (April 2017)
Me and the hubs posing in front of our house. (April 2017)
Louie turning the big 5! (May 2017)
Dork getting stuck up in a tree, requiring rescue (May 2017)
Enjoying a treat on Little Diva’s 3rd birthday (May 2017)
Recital time for Miss Diva (June 2017)
Louie post recital (June 2017)
Oldest post recital (June 2017)
Husband’s big spring project all finished (June 2017)
Happy 4th of July!


Diva finding mommies craft paint (July 2017)
Hugging the tool that can get acrylic paint out of carpet! (July 2017)
Karate shenanigans (July 2017)
Claiming the puppy as hers. (July 2017)
Date night for our 13th Anniversary (August 2017)
When Daddy is in charge of fun, no child was harmed (August 2017)
Fort building in the back yard. (August 2017)
Oldest’s 11th Birthday (August 2017)
My dainty little baby girl. (August 2017)
First day of the 2017 home school year (August 2017)
Solar Eclipse (August 2017)
Oldest three playing quietly. (September 2017)
Children’s Museum with friends. (September 2017)
That time I fell out of my tank. (September 2017)
Hubby’s go cart. (September 2017)
Home school science (September 2017)
Homeschooling with a toddler (October 2017)
Cat vs Lizard shenanigans (October 2017)
Halloween 2017
Got adventurous with my hair (November 2017)
Taming the toddler during school (November 2017)
Taking fort building to the next level (November 2017)
Houdini boy’s 7th Birthday (November 2017)
Thanksgiving 2017
Little girls Christmas recital (December 2017)
Oldest post first Nutcracker show (December 2017)
Bubba’s big 10 Birthday! (December 2017)
Got promoted to Yellow Belt! (December 2017)
Got promoted to blue belt then came home and got sick with a stomach bug, fell asleep with his new belt. (December 2017)
Baby girl’s Second Birthday (December 2017)
Christmas Eve Dinner
Christmas Jammies
Christmas Morning 2017

We transitioned from public school to home school. Survived Spring and Christmas dance recitals with the Nutcracker thrown in the mix. Many hard-earned Karate promotions. And many memories made with family and friends. We also learned how our future is going to be changing with retirement from the Marine Corps coming sooner than we thought. But still would not change a single second of it.

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