Peekaboo 2-7-18

Posted by Erika

The flu sucks. It’s even worse when you have to see your kids go through it. This flu season we have had our share of bugs go through the house, but with six children that can be little petri dishes of germs it can be a frustrating time of year. It seems that each time we go out the someone will pick up something and bring a new germ to share. Because sharing is caring right? I have gone through more Clorox wipes and bleach this cold/flu season than I can count, I should probably consider buying stock in Clorox at this point.

And now I will have to add another point to my disclaimer about not being someone who can give sound advice for buying/selling stocks, which is true but still. Sorry, this momma has gotten little sleep over that past few days, with sanitizing, checking fevers and administering various medicines. Speaking of medicine, I should add Motrin to the list of stocks to look into… or their parent company. Cause yeah, six kids worth of Motrin… you do the math cause my brain is fried. But I can tell you that’s a lot of Motrin.

So far this time with the serious and scary flu that’s been going around only two of the children have had it. One is on the mend and another is still in the early stages of it. Praying that it will stop with them but with how much they love each other it will not surprise me if more will come down with it. It’s easy to wipe down surfaces and make sure everyone washes their hands, coughing into their arms, and check temperatures every time I turn around. It is not easy to keep the littler ones from sneaking sips of sick brother’s ginger ale behind my back. As parents we can only do so much, but we are doing everything we can to get the sick ones better, keep the other kids from getting it, and trying to keep it from going beyond our family by keeping the sick ones home. In other words… Happy February Everyone!

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