Peekaboo 2-28-18

Posted by Erika

Pretty sure it was just January 1st right? How is it that March starts tomorrow?

An impromptu homeschool lesson at a rest stop on our Sunday drive.

The past couple of weeks have been filled with doing lots of non-traditional schooling with the kids and celebrating our 100th day of school last Friday. We made One Hundred Day Trail Mix, simply just their favorite snacks like Goldfishes, Cheese-its, raisins, Cheerios, and Kix. Normally I like to add mini-marshmallows, M&M’s, or chocolate chips, but they have somehow vanished. Despite the missing treats, we counted out 100 of the items that we had and dumped them in a bowl to mix up. Makes for a great snack. Which helped with the next thing they asked to do on that special day. Which was watch 100 You-Tube videos. Pretty sure they lost track in the 50’s or 60’s but it was a good day to sit back and eat some snack and watch some (mostly) education videos.

#6 at a rest stop on our Sunday drive.

One of the things on our Get Ready To Move list is find a trailer for me to haul behind my tank. So this last Sunday we took a much-needed Sunday drive and took the back roads to look at some trailers, unfortunately they were all closed so we weren’t able to talk to anyone but at least we were able to actually see them and have a visual to what the different lengths look like next to my tank instead of just looking at stats on a website. Along with the window shopping for a trailer I have made a savings tracker for my trip in my bullet journal. 

I have started to get into this whole bullet (or dot grid) journaling. I plan to make detailed maps of our trip for each leg including where the gas, food, rest stops, and hotels will be located cause sometimes as nice as technology is, it can be annoying waiting for the app to come up with what you are looking for. Someone should make an app specifically for long road trips. I can guarantee you that it would get used a lot, especially by the military community with all of those cross-country moves we tend to do. Myself alone this will be my 5th time doing a move that crosses multiple states. Not counting our road trip we did as a vacation a couple of years ago. If anyone knows of an app that you can plan a trip with and plot out all of the food, gas, rest areas, and hotels? Please let me know!

Last night I let our oldest stay up past her siblings to make something she has been wanting to make for a while now. We figured it would be easiest to tackle a new to us recipe without all of the little helpers running around being sometimes too helpful. So she made her first pretzels. They turned out delicious! Next time we definitely need to make a bigger batch.

Now to see what March will bring! 

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