Peekaboo 2-20-18

Posted by Erika

We hit a milestone today with preparation for our big move. We now have a storage unit so we can start to pack and de-clutter the house in preparation for us to sell the house along with packing myself and the kiddos up to move ahead of my husband, cause I don’t know about you but trying to sell a house with six kids running around undoing any cleaning you had done to make it look nice? Yeah not even gonna try to pull that one off. This is definitely one of those times when we can pick our battles and the stress of keeping the house magazine worthy, functional, and homeschool the kids all at once? Yeah nope nopety nope. I will gladly handle being away from my husband for a couple of months, been there, done that, and got the T-shirt.

In other news a couple of days ago little miss Diva and I took a trip to the ER. Let me start by saying she is OK. Somehow, still not 100% sure how she managed it, but she dislocated her elbow while going down the slide in our backyard. We have one of those covered twisty/tube slides so I saw her go in then come out screaming. The scary thing about elbow dislocations (aka Nursemaids Elbow) is that it can look like a fracture. Also I should add she is three, so trying to get definitive answers out of a three-year old who is uncontrollably crying from the obvious pain is next to impossible. This is also not my first elbow dislocation with her so my first reaction was to have her point where it was hurting and she was pointing at her wrist, making us think fracture and not a dislocation. So off to the ER we went. After some x-rays(which came back clean), and examination of her arm. The Dr was sure it was just dislocated. Then came the hard part. I have never been one of those mom’s who can not handle their child being in pain. I still care beyond words, but when I know that something needs to be done for their benefit and it may cause them pain to get better. Then I have never been afraid to hold them down and let them hate me, kick me, pinch me or make my ears ring from screaming. If it means that it will help them. I had to sit there and hold her good hand and let her squeeze me as hard as my sweet little Diva could to let out her emotions while they maneuvered her arm back into place. In case you didn’t know setting a dislocated elbow really isn’t that hard but if you have never had a doctor show you how to do it, or are not a medical professional, I would highly recommend you seeking medical help to get it set.

holding her popsicle after getting her elbow set.

But essentially they bend your arm at the elbow and press your wrist up by your shoulder and repeat it a few times if needed then it should just pop back in. It took a couple tries this time around but the doctor got it back in place. She had gotten herself so worked up and undoubtedly it did hurt going into that but after it was set the pain went away, and she was scared at first to use it, cause it was just a couple of seconds ago hurting so in her mind(I sure don’t blame her for it either) it should still hurt to use. We managed to convince her with a popsicle that her arm was now better. Signed some papers and off we went.

In more fun and slightly productive news, I actually got to check something off of that long to do list of things that is on the inevitable back burner. I made new pillow covers for our couch throw pillows. The old ones came with the couches and to say that they were well-loved is an understatement. They had the Sharpie and nail polish marks to prove their time spent in a house with six kids.

That’s all that’s going on in our neck of the woods. Hoping to have a new blog post up in a week or so. Simply put, my families needs are more important than cranking out blog posts, so for the time being and that is perfectly fine with me. God bless!

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