Peekaboo 2-12-18

Posted by Erika
Sunday night homeschooling prep.

This last week I was reminded why I should never ever put dates down in my lesson planner till after we have done the work for the day. The planner can sense your attempts to be prepped. In case you didn’t read my last Peekaboo, we spent all week dealing with the flu… and keeping Motrin and Clorox products in business. Last night while prepping for the week and going over everyone’s schedules I realized I had put the dates for last week in the kids lesson planner. Cue face palm.

Hopefully this week will go much smoother and we can get some work done. In all having to put schoolwork on hold for a week isn’t awful. That’s one of the perks to homeschooling. And the kids have been doing so well with their work that they would have been done in a few weeks anyways so this actually helped us still have work book¬†stuff to do, so last week was pretty much a crafting week, working on our reading skills, and watching some documentaries.

This week we are still going to take it easy but hopefully get some work book stuff accomplished while the kids finish getting over this nasty flu.

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