Peekaboo 12-11-17

Posted by Erika
Taking a picture with Grandma and Grandpa after the last show.

To put it simply, life has been all sorts of chaos around here. The past week we knew was going to be a bit crazy with our oldest’s Nutcracker rehearsals and performances mixed in with some Karate promotions, birthdays, and family visiting. Then the curve ball came. A twenty-four hour stomach bug hit our house with a vengeance and threw a massive kink in my very meticulously pre-planned and prepped week. By the time our visiting family left I was the last one standing with not getting the bug, but as I write this I am starting to not feel too hot myself. But we survived.

Baby girl in her pen trying to keep the puking mess contained. Thankfully she started to feel better pretty quickly and was one of the quickest to get better.

Thankfully the older 5 kids understand that if they can’t make it to the toilet in time then to puke in a bowl. The toddler not so much. At one point we had resorted to having her in the kitchen(not carpet flooring) in a pen with toys that could be easily washed and had no other option but to wait it out. One by one another kid would get sick as another one was getting better but thankfully our oldest got it after her rehearsals were done and had just enough time to be better to dance the next day.

Opening a present while still resting on the couch.

Mixed in all of this was our oldest Son’s 10th Birthday. Unfortunately he was sick all day and we had to delay some of the festivities but he still got to open presents and as bad as he felt still managed to have a decent day.

Little man with his yellow belt.
Bud fell asleep with his blue belt after he started to get sick.

On Friday in the middle of all of this thankfully before the boys both got sick they had a Karate promotion and Christmas party. My older Son was promoted to the blue belt and my younger Son was promoted to yellow belt. They both have worked very hard to achieve this and we all could not be more proud of them.

Backstage checking out big sissy’s shiny costume.
After the first day of performances.
After the last show. She did a great job and could not be more proud of her.

As for the Nutcracker chaos. From the Dance Mom perspective it really can be chaos. With all of the running around, applying of stage make-up, and making sure their costumes were all ready to go for each part of the performances. It really is a chaotic dance on its own backstage, but completely hidden from the audience. If you know a dance mom, give them a hug, some coffee, and hairspray. They are the unsung hero’s of most of the performances and recitals. Due to everyone in our house unexpectedly getting sick I was not able to help out as much as I had hoped or as much as they needed. But as chaotic as it is, it is fun. And a bonding experience with my daughter who is entering her teen years I will take any chance I get when she genuinely wants my help and wants me around. It was a fun experience despite all of the chaos that it involved.

All four of my girls after the last Nutcracker show.

Sunday evening the birthday boy was feeling well enough for us to have cake so that was a great way to end the weekend. On a side note, Happy Birthday to my husband, whose birthday is today. I love you and am so thankful for you, now it is time for pie!

See you later in the next Peekaboo into our lives!

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