Peekaboo 11-10-17

Posted by Erika


Every year on this day we celebrate the birth of our United States Marine Corps. They have certainly evolved since their creation in a Tavern 242 years ago and we are so very blessed to be a part of this family. Personally I am very thankful for all that my husband has done in the Marine Corps, for our country and family. And would like to express our gratitude to all Marine’s past and present for your service and Happy Birthday. So go eat cake and raise a glass to the USMC today. 

Sadly this will be our last year on the Active side of this amazing family and it will be odd to not hear “The Sound of Freedom” on a daily basis but we very much look forward to mountains and being surrounded by trees. For those that don’t know The Sound of Freedom is the excessive noise coming from any Military Base, usually from aircraft but can also be from the gun ranges on different occasions. We have been so used to the low flying aircraft that it will be odd to not hear it on a regular basis.

On the note of Military life. Tomorrow is Veteran’s Day. Be sure to thank a Veteran for their service. Our family has quite a few, many Grandpa’s, both of my Father-In-Law’s, Cousin’s, my blessing of a Step-Mother, and of course my Husband. Thank you! While a few people enjoy the sales that come with this holiday, I just ask that you do not forget the reason behind this holiday weekend.

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