Peekaboo 10-6-17

Posted by Erika

I don’t want to use the words “I broke my toddler” cause that just sounds bad, but well this morning I apparently caused her little brain to fritz out for a few minutes… with socks. Her feet were cold so I grabbed some socks thinking it would help. So I put them on thinking nothing of the fact that she has essentially been barefoot or wearing sandals since early spring and probably has no memory of wearing socks ever. It had about the same effect you would get when putting tape onto the paw of a cat. I stood her up and she just stood there staring down at her feet not moving. After she plopped down she just sat there for a few minutes looking at her feet, wiggling them and grabbing her toes as if she has never noticed them before. Watching the amazement wash over her face was certainly adorable. But after a couple of minutes she decided they could stay and went off to accomplish her usual shenanigans of attempting to destroy the house, you know, normal toddler behavior.

On a different note, I am so thankful it is finally Friday! The week had a good start with accomplishing all of our school goals on Monday. Then on Tuesday my husband and I attended a Military Spouse Symposium. It was an experience to say the least. There were panels about the problems we face as military wives with trying to have a career and moving so often, and heard from other wives with ideas of how to help each other out. Towards the end there was a panel with a White House staffer(I apologize I do not remember her name but she was a fellow military spouse), Kellyanne Conway, and Ivanka Trump. As a military wife it was encouraging to see them ask us questions of what we need help with. For example, how, if you are a lawyer, nurse, or teacher every time you move it is usually to a different state where you would have to get re-certified or pass another bar exam just to continue on a career that you personally worked hard for, which can be time-consuming and a financial burden. Not to mention the lack of affordable childcare, most times the Child Development Centers on our bases no matter how amazing they are can be a headache in itself to get your child into, most times with wait lists that can last around a year to get through. I do not know if anything will come of it. But I did see Ms Trump taking notes and looking shocked about the problems we face to continue our careers. This just might be the start of something good.

And on the bright side, thanks to some amazing neighbors we were able to go to this sans kids and we are so so so thankful to them for their help! It is never easy to find childcare for six children. But because we were gone most of the day by the time we got home, school was the last thing on our minds so we decided to scrap it for the day. We have since got back into our routine of school work and got caught up no problem, which makes me so thankful it is Friday. I hope everyone else has a happy relaxing weekend like we plan to do.

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