Peekaboo 10-3-18

Posted by Erika

Fall is in full swing on our homestead, trees are changing color and our first frost of the season happened last night. Honestly nothing has been happening as far as building goes. The house is on pause until at least spring and we are just waiting to get started on our pole barn to move the camper and winter over in there. But life has been busy nonetheless.

My husband has now been in college for a month and is handling it much better than I would have. We are so proud of the hard task he has taken on with going to school, on top of making sure the kids and I are taken care of as well. We have been busy with making firewood here for the past couple of weeks knowing that will need a few cords of wood to get us through the winter. I should note, no the camper does not have a fire-place but the pole barn will. And when I say a few cords of wood, I mean we have been told by neighbors to expect to need 4-10 cords for the winter. Also for those like me, going into this I had no clue how much wood went into a cord, it is 4’x4’x8′ of dry/seasoned firewood. We also know that the trees we’ve felled in late summer will not be dry enough for this winter but it is never too early to prepare for the next winter. I help as much as I can but I have yet to use a chainsaw solo so when the husband fells the tree, I do help with removing the branches, then he bucks the logs so all I have to do is chop and stack. Let me just say, I love my wood chopper. It is an amazingly helpful tool. Once it’s all chopped the kids make an assembly line and stack it all. The first few stacks didn’t look to pretty but they are learning and you can see the progress of their wood stacking capabilities improving. We unfortunately have a few dead standing trees so those will be the first to go for firewood for this winter.

Along with his college schedule and the kids back into their own schoolwork for almost two months now. We were able to get the kids signed back up into activities to get them out there and interacting with other kids that are not their siblings. I personally feel like we hit a goldmine, their new dojo and dance studio are in the same strip mall which makes my life so much easier! It is a little further of a drive than in the past but that is the trade-off with living in the sticks. I am just thankful that there were no wait lists, as we did sign them up a little late into the year. But so far both places are looking promising for a good year of dance and karate.

Littlest two watching big brother, quietly during his class.

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