Peekaboo 10-28-17

Posted by Erika

Halloween prep is in full gear and I can finally say that the kids costumes have all been sorted for Tuesday’s shenanigans. This is the first year that we have made a couple of homemade costumes. With deployments and our crazy busy life we have opted to go with the pre-made ready to go route in the past but I definitely think making them is more fun and certainly makes more memories than picking something off the shelf at a store. Side note… there is absolutely nothing wrong with getting a ready to go one at the store, I’ve done it too many times to count because it is just simply easier to do sometimes.

This year with how obsessed the boys are with all things Minecraft my older son wanted to be Minecraft Steve and my younger son wanted to be an Enderman. If you do not know who those are, don’t worry, neither did I till I did some web surfing. I found some empty baby wipes boxes and painted them to go along with each character, making sure to have my two Minecraft experts on hand to make sure I had the right colors for everything. Made some eye holes cause yeah, they kinda need to see where they are going. They already had the proper clothes to wear with the masks so they were pretty easy.

The little three girls were fairly easy thanks to our supply of dress up clothes and old recital costumes. From that we have an Elsa, Sailor Moon, and Cinderella. Added some lip gloss and glitter and they were ready to go. Our oldest had an odd request, or at least it was odd to me cause I certainly wasn’t expecting it, but still had fun making it. She decided to be Mavis from the movie Hotel Transylvania. We got her some striped tights, and appropriate makeup and colored hairspray. The only thing that needed attention was the dress. For that we got an 2XL black T-shirt that I was able to alter to make into a dress for her. The reason I got the shirt instead of fabric is simple. The shirt cost only $4 where as the 1 1/2 yards of fabric I would have needed to make the dress would have been double that. So much easier to just alter it. And slightly jealous now cause it looks super comfy too.

My attempt at getting a group shot of the kids.

The kids were able to get all of their costumes ready in time for us to go to our first and most likely last Halloween party last night. I have now learned that most of my children have inherited my lack of enjoying being surrounded by scary things. The party was at the boy’s Karate school and they went all out, lots of fun games for the kids but the icing on the Nope cake was the Haunted House… the kids were doing just fine till they turned off the lights and opened up the Haunted House and heard the screaming and monster noises. The boys were brave enough to go give it a shot but came out running and screaming, with my younger son yelling “NEVER AGAIN!!!” At this point the little girls were starting to freak out with anything that made a questionable noise so I attempted to get a group shot of them before we left. The problem was the photo-op area was near the entrance to the Haunted House and I literally had to drag Cinderella over there. It wasn’t pretty but I still tried and failed thanks to my phone wanting to not focus which perfectly captured how overwhelming and chaotic the rest of that party was for us as we tried to get everyone together and back out to the car. In all honesty it really was a fun party but If we were to do it again I would have left the littler ones at home so the braver ones could have stayed longer and had more thrills. Hopefully I can get a better group shot of the kids on Halloween night along with the hubby’s scary decorations.

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