Peekaboo 10-23-17

Posted by Erika

This weekend was a good one.

#5 found Daddy’s Scream mask.

Thanks to the warm weather we spent many hours outside with the kids playing with their friends and my husband decorating the house for Halloween. To put it simply my husband likes to scare the wee out of anyone who comes to our door on Halloween. Complete with images of ghosts, creepy music, flickering lights, and of course lots and lots of cobwebs.

On Saturday my oldest daughter got to get pictures taken for her dance studio’s upcoming production of The Nutcracker. I love being the backstage mom. I know the rest of my family loathes it when I go volunteer my time but the make-up, costumes, and rush of dance life was a part of my childhood for long that it makes it hard to pass it up. So getting to hang out with her that day and help her get ready for each group made my day.

Another eventful thing that happened this weekend was once again the cat let another lizard into the house to terrorize. Thanks cat.

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