Peekaboo 10-2-17

Posted by Erika

Another weekend has passed and with it one more duty day done and closer to being out of Military life. For those that do not know. “Duty” is the short-term for the time that the military person has to “stand watch”. I know it is different for the different branches but for us in the USMC family it means 24 hours without daddy. He had it easy. What he got to avoid was a day full of karate and vet visits for our little hoard.

Our younger son had karate testing and promotion, which turned out to be a very big deal this time. He was promoted from the little kids (Little Dragon) program to be with the big kids (Black Belt Club) and to the rank of novice yellow belt. For those that know how much my son can be a spastic spider monkey, to have his Sensei call him out on good behavior and setting a good example to earn this promotion, it was a big deal.

However in the middle of his testing I had to run our 100 pound chocolate lab to the vet for his annual checkup. I had rescheduled this appointment too many times as it was and by the time I realized that it was all going on when my husband had duty it was too late. AKA, time to put the big girl britches on get on with it. Thankfully our vet has the option to drop him off at a specified time, then they get to him between other patients to get his appointment in and call me when he is ready. Mr Fuzzy Butt gets all of the attention and ear rubs he can handle on top of scaring other pups that walked past his kennel with his very loud “hello”. He really is a friendly dog, but he doesn’t realize that due to his size when he shows his teeth people tend to think he is about to attack… not this pup… he is in fact smiling. I never knew this was a thing dogs did till our goofball did it for us each time we got home after rescuing him. Aside from his shenanigans, he is healthy and finally no longer obese… thanks kids for making him fat in the first place.

I digress, after he was dropped off we were able to run back over to karate just in time to see #3 get his new belt. It was an exhausting few hours but when you get to see your kids get a surprise acknowledgement for something they had been working on. It made my day. It certainly made me change my plans of chores for the rest of the day. We opted to take advantage of the beautiful warm weather and made them play outside for the rest of the day. In mommy terms… I made them run around so they would actually go to bed and stay in bed when it was bed time, cause yeah duty days are long at home.

This wasn’t even all of it. I still had two more loads going in the washer and dryer.

In the morning my amazingly wonderful husband came home with coffee and breakfast. Pretty sure he was reading my mind again. But Sunday was much more uneventful than Saturday. Ever wonder what laundry looks like for a family of eight? It is overwhelming is what it is. That is where I was, sorting, starting, switching machines, more sorting and folding. I didn’t even get to put everything away as most of it went into the then sleeping kids rooms and I was not about to wake the kraaken by attempting to put their stuff away. So by the time it was all folded it was dark out and game time. So all in all a good weekend. And Happy October!

Waiting on the last load to be done in the dryer. This is real life right here, six kids in bed on a Sunday night full of laundry and football. Go Hawks!

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