Peekaboo 1-31-18

Posted by Erika

With a blink of an eye the first month of the year has come and gone. We are still in the “hurry up and wait” with all of the details of how the next few months will pan out, but we are making lists and trying to prepare as much as possible. Along with preparing for the physical move which in never easy no matter the distance. But the emotional side of moving especially for our kids, that is proving to be a challenge. We have had to tell our daughter’s dance teachers and the girls that they will not be here for this years spring recital. As you could expect the little ones shrugged it off and asked if they still got to have a costume, which were ordered months ago. As soon as they were reassured that, yes they would get their pretty sparkly costumes then all was well in their world. And the boys were their usual selves and just didn’t care too much. It might sink in when the time comes but we will just have to wait and see. Our oldest however, with all of her wonderful preteen hormones in full swing, have been interesting. She is old enough to remember the last move we did and has had friends that she has had to say goodbye to enough, that she is taking it the hardest. I don’t blame her, moving sucks. Moving cross-country knowing you will most likely never come back is even harder.

Some things we have been doing to try to keep a positive spin on the move was to keep talking about all of the positive things that will come from this move. For example our family will be much closer, mountains and general beautiful nature surroundings of the Pacific North West that we have missed for the past eight years. Look for a new place to live online with the kids. Keep all of it as positive as possible has been our main focus. Going into February will be no different. Our to-do list for the month will certainly have more move focused items to check off… mostly packing and preparing to get the house ready to sell but if we can just get half of it done I would call it a success.

In other news my amazing husband got his official acceptance letter in the mail to start college after we move. We are all very proud of him, and are anxiously awaiting for this next chapter to start. But ya know with most things in the Marine Corps, right now we just need to hurry up and wait. Go Pirates!

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