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Leaving the laundry for another day.

Posted by Erika
for the record that is ketchup on #5’s forehead, not a head wound.

It’s ok, it happens. Sometimes more frequently than I’d like but at least it’s clean laundry right? The folding and putting away will have to wait, cause seriously six kids. You turn your back to fold even one shirt and next thing I know the 3 year old will be running outside in her birthday suit, again. Not for a lack of clothes, she just simply likes to be naked.

I have heard it a few times now but still a good reminder on days that things on your to do list just didn’t get done. It’s ok. Take a deep breath and move on. Your children don’t care that the laundry is not folded right away or that every speck of dust is nowhere to be seen. What they do care about is you, healthy and happy and there with them making memories.


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