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It’s Only Temporary

Posted by Erika

It’s only temporary, but for now this is our home in our little slice of heaven on Earth. To put it simply, we love it here. The trees, the wildlife (not counting the kids), and the location. The kids love being able to run, be loud, ride their bikes and play in the dirt and we love that we don’t have to worry too much about them getting to just be kids. It is all we could have asked for.

So just as a recap from the past few weeks…

Our boys and puppers on our property on their first night here.
The girls and I during our quick trip to meet up with our men.

My husband, our boys and the puppers came out ahead of us ladies to get a base camp going, then once we acquired a camper trailer us ladies and the kitty followed. The first few nights were rough while we were trying to figure out a water supply to hold us over until the well was updated and able to supply us with clean water. We were able to get a water tank in the back of my husbands truck and then pump it into the water tank in the camper. Also hooked up our generator to make sure we have a supply of energy to run the AC unit in the heat we’ve been having. This camper has been a huge blessing in allowing us all to be here together to support each other while we build our home.

The building process to get going has been slow and at times frustrating mostly due to it all taking time to get going. But we are seeing progress. For example today our well is being updated and getting to working order. At the same time as my husband also had the rental tractor show up this morning and he has been playing in the dirt getting our driveway cleared out, leveled and prepped for gravel in the next week. We are really looking forward to not having to go off-roading every time we go from our camper to the street.

Some of the few things we have been doing to kill the time between the big projects are walking on the many paths my husband has cleared for us and prune the many trees that have dead branches that are in the way of walking under them easily.

Like I said this is only temporary, but we are getting closer to our dream home with every day.

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