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Homeschooling Update

Posted by Erika
Oldest working on her Grammar in a random spot in the house.

It’s been a couple of weeks since writing anything and that is mostly to do with having to focus on my family. The flu has hit our house multiple times now but we are putting up a good fight. Also we have hit a slump in the school year. Some things haven’t been working for the kids so we made the decision to reevaluate what we are using (curriculum’s) and how we are doing all of it. Knowing that we may be having to place our children into public schools when we move has had a huge impact on our decision to change some of their curriculum. The state we will be moving to has different requirements to open a homeschool than the state we are currently in and it may take a few months before I am allowed to open our homeschool again, which is fine. One thing I would not want to do is get into trouble with the state for it not all being processed correctly so if they have to go to public school while I get it all sorted then that is just what we will have to do.

One of the hardest things to manage with homeschooling five kids is keeping track of it all, and accountability on the older kids end. They could easily say that they did something and completely didn’t do the assignment. Lying about it to me because they know I was busy helping one of their siblings at the time and wont find out till much later. With their old curriculum a lot of their English and Reading topics were done online and I simply don’t have the time to stand behind them to make sure they are doing it all. With the online work, not having physical paper work to prove what they have been learning it is hard to show any new schools what they know or that I have been teaching them at all. So back to the good old trusty workbooks. With workbooks its much easier to tell if they did the work or not. And when we do move I can simply show whomever is in charge of placement, what they have worked on and what levels they are at. On top of changing the curriculum we have changed some of our schedule from working five days a week to working four days a week to allow us one weekday to go on field trips, go to the library, or any necessary Doctor appointments or errands without messing up our school schedule.

Homeschooling has and is a wonderful experience for our kids and I still believe it was and is the best option for our family and the ability to just stop when things aren’t working and adjust it so that it does work for our specific family is one of the many things we love about homeschooling. Now with the tweaks we’ve made we will hopefully face the following months of huge changes ahead with more ease than headaches.

Have you had to make changes in the middle of your homeschool year? What did you do to make it work for your family? Feel free to message me if you have any questions regarding homeschooling.

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