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Homeschooling Update, End of Year 2017/2018

Posted by Erika

As a homeschooling family it can feel weird to say we are done for the year, when in reality we never stop learning.

However, we are so happy to say that our 2017-2018 school year is done and we can start planning for our next year with homeschooling. In reality we finished a majority of our required subjects back in May, complete with testing all before we made our big move so we could focus on the more fun subjects and go in deep with geography cause lets face it what else would you study while driving cross-country? These past few weeks we’ve also been focusing a lot on vocabulary and reading levels for the younger ones. The three that were at testing grade levels surprised me, scoring much higher than I had expected and we could not be more proud of them. I’ve heard it before from some of my other homeschooling momma’s that we can beat ourselves up and think we are failing our children or not teaching them enough. The testing, as stressful as it can be has been a helpful reminder that 1. I am actually doing a very good job of teaching our children. and 2. They are kicking butt and taking names when I see their scores compared to other kids their ages. After a long year with tantrums and “I don’t get it” too many times to count. It can be very helpful to remember as a mom that you are not failing your children.

On the topic of testing, you will generally hear how much parents hate testing and how it’s required more often for homeschooling students than their peers in the public school system(depending on the state you’re in). I typically have a love/hate relationship with the required tests. I hate that we have to do it. Makes me and the kids get frustrated with making sure we learn certain topics in time to get the testing done and can cause issues when its a beautiful day and we would all rather be outside learning about insects or something more fun but not needed for those tests. But on the flip side, it gives me an idea of where they may need more help or need to be challenged more. My children tend to hide how much they actually know, when I thought they were being stubborn and not wanting to get stuff done, those topics (after this years testing) I now know they were actually bored and needed to move on to something more challenging and when you have six kids at different levels of learning not to mention each one at different levels on their own specific ‘level’ it tends to be way to easy for me to lose track sometimes with catching the difference in stubbornness and boredom. But our testing is done, I know where we need to start for next year and so now it’s time to get the paperwork side going with transferring to a new state and get lesson planning.

On a side note of lesson planning, I am counting down the days till I can order my new planner. If you haven’t heard of Erin Condren planners… go, go check them out now. They are simply amazing. I loved my planner that I used last year and seriously can’t wait to use one again this coming school year.

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